Client Success Projects

Hospital and Ambulatory Clinics

Over the years, Medical Dictate has trained and supported over 700 physicians and mid-levels on various Dragon Medical products.  These large clients realized a significantly positive ROI with our customized integration and optimization expertise.

Dr. Steven Klein, Rheumatology Consultants, Hagerstown, MD

"Tony is fantastic, we are very pleased with the support we received from Medical Dictate. Tony brings value to anyone who uses a product like this. Tony told me the right way to correct things and instilled a lot of confidence. He's a fantastic educator and supporter and delivered on everything he promised. He's a very valuable asset."

Dr. Babar Syed, Snellville, GA

"I was amazed how it recognized my Indian accent."

Dr. Francisco Diaz, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"The accuracy with my Spanish accent was surprising."

Dr. Merrick Horn, Miami Beach, FL

"I am impressed with this new version of Dragon Medical, and the support from Medical Dictate is superb."

Dr. Marty Weintraub, Westminster, MD

"I have been using Dragon Medical Practice Edition since 2012, and although Version 1 was good, the newest Version 4 is even better.  It's like upgrading from 'coach' to 'first class.'  I can't say enough about the new version.  It integrates seamlessly with my EMR and cuts down hours at the end of a busy day.  My salesperson, Tony Scalese at Medical Dictate, has been a joy to work with and patiently answers my questions.  I recently called him at 10:30 PM thinking I would leave a message.  He answered the phone.  Simply, the latest Dragon is indeed a quantum leap in every respect.  I can't say enough about the product or Tony Scalese."

Dr. Purushottam Mitra, Ocala, FL

"Medical Dicate has been great to our practice for over 6 years, and they have been available whenever we called.  Tony is always pleasant to work with and always smiling.  The newest version of Dragon Medical Practice Edition Version 4 is much faster, more accurate, and easy to navigate."

Dr. Robert Greene, Worcester, MA

"I cut my dictation time in ½ with Dragon Medical. I am amazed by its performance."


One-on-One Customization and Optimization

Medical Dictate utilizes Dragon Medical certified trainers to customize and optimize clinical workflows for their clients to maximize productivity and reduce clinical documentation time.  This customization further generates increased revenue for our Clients.