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We will help reduce governmental costs while increasing provider productivity with improved Clinical Documentation and enhanced Patient Care.

The use of speech-recognition will drastrically reduce healthcare costs with better and faster clinical documentation resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.  With Dragon Medical and Dragon Medical One, providers can dictate in "real-time" into their EHR/EMR system in their own words allowing them to review, sign, and make their notes available for other clinicians—instantly.

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Indian Health Service (IHS)

Over 500 healthcare providers in IHS hospitals and clinics use Dragon Medical to be integrated with the Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS).  With Dragon Medical and Dragon Medical One, providers dictate directly into RPMS, with their own voice, and with up to 99% accuracy; further eliminating transcription costs.

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Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Over 5000 providers in over 150 VA hospitals and clinics currently use Dragon Medical and Dragon Medical One to reduce healthcare costs and increase patient care and productivity.  We customize clinical workflows for the VA to maintain budgetary limits while increasing patient care and better clinical documentation resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

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Save Time and Healthcare Costs

Medical records, reports, diagnosis can all be transcribed immediately into the EMR/EHR System using the provider's voice and Dragon Medical or Dragon Medical One   With these customized speech-recognition products and workflows, governmental providers create more accurate clinical documentation while drasticially reducing healthcare costs and increasing the quality of patient care.  (View our "Capability Statement.")

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Save Time & Money Today

Contact one of our Team Specialists today to customize a clinical workflow within your budgetary constraints using the latest in speech-recognition technology: Dragon Medical and Dragon Medical One.  Call today 855.434.2828 or

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