Q. As a healthcare provider, why do I need a speech-recognition software package from Medical Dictate?


A.  Immediately save administrative costs by eliminating transcription cost.  Generate ALL patient encounters, medical evaluations, and operative notes with your voice.  Allows voice dictation directly into your current EMR/EHR system.

Q.  I tried Dragon before, and it did not work! How is Medical Dictate or Dragon Medical different?


A.  All of our Team of salespersons, technical support and training personnel, and administrative staff are users of speech-recognition software, specifically Dragon Medical.  Therefore, we possess the training, knowledge, and expertise to address any issues or questions regarding the software.

Also, we have been serving the healthcare profession for over 15 years and know the unique needs and services of most healthcare professionals.

Our philosophy is simple: We build relationships with our clients and not simply sell software.  So, we offer 24/7 technical training and support, including nights, weekends, and holidays, if necessary.  Service is the key component of our relationship building philosophy.

Additionally, with the advancement of computer technology, both computers and the voice-recognition software, especially Nuance's "Dragon Medical," have dramatically improved in the past several years providing much greater accuracy and speed to the end-user.  Thus, the end-user realizes an immediate benefit and increased efficiency.

Q.  Will the software recognize my accent/dialect?


A.  Yes, the software is equipped with built-in accent support to recognize a wide variety of foreign accents/dialects including, but not limited to, Spanish, Asian, Indian, British, Australian, and Southern U.S.

The software learns the way you speak and adapts to your speaking patterns.

By using our healthcare training module, the end-user will be approximately 98% accurate.

Q. What is the cost of the newest version of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4?


A.  Simply, a one-time investment without any monthly or yearly licensing renewal or subscription.

The end-user will realize a return on investment within approximately 30 days.

Each Package is customized and designed for the physician's practice, and cost is dependent on the number of licensed users; however, we customize all Medical Dictate Packages for your budgetary considerations and offer third-party financing or payment plan, if necessary.

ALL Medical Dictate Packages include unlimited remote training and support for 12 months, live & weekly one-on-one training sessions via Web, and advanced training videos with a lifetime warranty on headsets.  If you prefer hourly on-site training for you or your entire practice, we will accommodate your busy practice schedule to reduce loss of patient time and will provide training and optimization on weekends and/or holidays if necessary.

Q.  Does the software work with my current EMR/EHR system?


A.  Dragon Medical works with any EMR/EHR system, including web-based or cloud-based versions, allowing the physician to dictate directly into the system rather than typing.  And, depending on your clinical workflow, you may be a better candidate for the new Dragon Medical One - the cloud-based version of Dragon Medical,

Dragon Medical works with virtually any Windows-based application including, but not limited, to, Word, Excel, WordPerfect, Outlook, and Works.

Q.  What are the computer or system requirements for Dragon Medical Practice Edition?


A.  During initial installation process, the computer internally checks that your system meets the minimum requirements; if they are not met,neither Dragon NaturallySpeaking nor Dragon Medical will be installed.

Recommended Intel® Pentium® / 2.0 GHz processor or equivalent AMD processor. Faster processors will yield faster performance – Dragon Medical Practice Edition requires the SSE2 instruction set. Processors without SSE2 are "Intel before Pentium 4" and "AMD before Athlon 64". 2 GB RAM for Windows Vista™. Free hard disk space: 2.5 GB. L2 Cache: 512 KB. Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, SP2, Pro or 7, or 8 - 32/64 bit - Home & Prof, Windows 2000, SP4 or higher, Windows Vista™ or Windows Vista™ SP1, 32/64-bit, Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server 4.0 or 4.5. Microsoft® Internet Explorer 7 or higher.  An internet connection is required for activation. During the install process the software checks to make sure your system meets these minimum requirements.  If your computer system does not meet the requirements, the software will not be installed.

Medical Dictate Minimum Recommended: Intel® Pentium® / 2.4 GHz processor (Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Duo Centrino) or equivalent AMD processor. Faster processors will yield faster performance. 4 GB RAM for Windows XP, Pro, 7, or 8.

Creative® Labs Sound Blaster® 16 or equivalent sound card supporting 16-bit recording for audio "playback" features.

DVD-ROM drive required for installation. [NOTE: A high-speed internet connection is required for online one-on-one training, troubleshooting, and some product activations.]

Q.  I work from home, the office, and visit ambulatory clinics throughout the day.  Which is the best Dragon product for me?


A.  Dragon Medical One would be ideal.  With a single-user license, you can use Dragon on multiple Windows PC work-station computers, your personal laptop, or your home computer.  Your mobility with dictation is now endless.

Q.  I work using a "remote desktop" connection or use a "web browser" to complete my clinical documentation.  What is the BEST Dragon Medical product, as the previous versions of Dragon Medical had connection and text conversion problems?


A.  Dragon Medical One is NOW the answer! It uses a "cloud-based" format and was designed to work through multiple layers of connectivity used with remotely-hosted EMR/EHR systems.  So, now, wherever you can type, you can now dictate directly into your EMR/EHR.

Q.  How accurate or how good is Dragon Medical One?


A.  Dragon Medical One uses an advanced and true "AI," so it's 99% accurate; requires NO training/reading.  So, whatever EHR/EMR you use - if you can type in it that field, now, you can now seemlessly and directly dictate into that field with YOUR voice.

Q.  Can I transfer my existing Dragon Medical Practice Edition templates and macros into Dragon Medical One?


A.  Yes. Our Team will gladly import your existing templates at NO CHARGE.  Now, with Dragon Medical One, you can travel from office to home to the clinic, and your profile goes with you - it will be available wherever you use it.  You are now truly dictating with full mobility, especially if you add the new Nuance Mobile PowerMic to your Package.

Q.  I do not want to waste the money I spent on Practice Edition version to go to Dragon Medical One.  Is there discount pricing available?


A.  Yes.  If you owned any older version of Dragon Medical, you will automatically receive a significant "loyalty discount" for the first 12 months with your purchase and monthly subscription.  Just request the "loyalty discount" from your Medical Dictate Team member.

Q.  Can I use Dragon Medical One on a MAC computer?


A.  Dragon Medical One uses a "cloud-based" format.  So, if you have Windows Parallels installed on your MAC, you can run it on the Windows-side, as Dragon Medical One is no longer dependent on CPU processor speed and/or RAM.

Q.  Do I need a faster computer to use Dragon Medical One?


A.  Dragon Medical One uses a "cloud-based" format, so all computing and speech-recognition is done through AI.   It is no longer dependent on CPU processor speed and/or RAM.  You can even run it on an inexpensive and/or outdated laptop - even a Chrome Notebook.

Q.  Do I need a fast internet or 4G WiFi connection to use Dragon Medical One?


A.  NO! Dragon Medical One uses a "cloud-based" format, so all computing and speech-recognition is done through AI.   It only requires 48 kb/per second to operate.  So, any basic internet or WiFi connection will work.

Q.  I am very interested in Dragon Medical One.  Do you offer a free trial of Dragon Medical One?  I want to be sure it works as good as you say before I commit.


A.  Yes.  One of our Team specialists will first schedule a demo of the product, and then, we will gladly provide you with a completely free 2-week trial version of Dragon Medical One.  Just mention "summer trial special."

Q.  What is your Return Policy on hardware and/or software?


A.   Although we do not anticipate you returning our software and/or hardware, unexpected situations arise, so we are here to help.  Therefore, any unopened products can be returned, including software, within 10 days of shipment with copy of original receipt.

All defective products and hardware will be replaced and backed by manufacturer's warranty.  All returns must be pre-authorized by Medical Dictate and an RMA number is required - please call to have a RMA number issued.  There are no returns of opened hardware, software, and/or downloaded software.  Defective or missing CD-ROMS and/or headsets will be replaced.

ALL returns must include ALL original packaging, in original condition, with all accessories, hardware, and/or software with pre-authorized RMA number.  Returns may be subject to a 10% restocking fee.

Any request of refund is processed within 7 days.