Our Approach

Our Approach

Our vision is simple. It is to make you love using our software.

Our methods are simple:
• You must be treated like a king/queen.
• This software must work everytime.
• You must get the best deal.
• You must get help instantly.

Our Story

Our Story

Already we have become a preferred vendor and certified Dragon Medical trainers for Nuance - the maker of the leading speech-recognition software.  That's pretty amazing in a few short years.

How have we done it?  Well, our backgrounds are a combination of super-techie-nerds, lawyers, customer-service agents, and a good sprinkling of hard work and great customer service.

We want you to start dictating TODAY!  This brilliant and simple software will revolutionize how you work, save you time, and ultimately make more money for your practice.  The sooner we can help you discover these benefits, the sooner you will love it.

Meet the Team

We Build Business - One Client at a Time.

Medical Dictate is a company comprised of users (not salespersons) who utilize Dragon Medical on a daily basis.  We are well-versed in handling all types of technical and practical issues, and we provide unprecedented integration, training, and support services.



Founder of Medical Dictate who believes customer service and support is the key aspect of the success of Our Company.


Vice-President of Operations

Oversees the daily operations and management of Medical Dictate, and she is responsible for the efficient functioning of the Company.


Regional Manager

Responsible for the sale of Our Company's products and services and helps ensures revenue growth through planning, execution, and management of Our Team.

Next Steps...

Call TODAY and receive FREE training and support for a year!  Mention "Summer Savings" Promo.  855.434.2828